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How does Solar Citizen realize Chinese Sci-fi dre?

How does Solar Citizen realize Chinese Sci-fi dre?

Solar Citizen is an original Hippo 3D Sci-fi movie directed by Kerr Xu and produced by its outstanding team.



Film features

China's missile space industry has always been a national pride, and the astronauts are undoubtedly the key talents of the future. Under such circumstances, the Sci-fi film comes on stage with direction from designer of the National Dong Feng missile. With excellent logistic storyline, this file is ready to leading Chinese science fiction. Moreover, the film also reveals the conflicts between AI and human, interests and love.


Space Remnants


The story based on an accident in China's TianGang space station. Two astronauts lost contact with the ground and are aim to flee to American Colin space station. After unintentionally finding a big secret, could the two astronauts finally get back to earth? The results are waiting for you.