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Game Show | Virtual World is Not Lonely, We Have V

Game Show | Virtual World is Not Lonely, We Have V

Tomb Robbery is a volographic game, which combined VR and holographic together. This game is developed by the VR production department of Hippo, and is the first volographic game.

The game is different from other domestic VR single-player game or simple physical displacement primary VR games, it has a relatively perfect game logic and double real-time interactive function, and designed for 2 players to join at the same time. The players could see each other and exchange task coordination, props in the game. It is now the first volographic game in China, which makes communication possible in the virtual world and sure is the beginning of the 2.0 era of the domestic VR game.

The plot background

Emperor and Dynasty comes and goes, few people leave their names. Once enter the Tomb, only the fearless will alive. This is the warning for the players.

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Two players will wear full set of VR devices and enter the positioning space to star game. Armed with guns, players will walk side by side and defeat the ghosts together to get the treasure. You will not forget this supreme immersive feeling.

The Storyline

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Two players need to find the way to the main chamber.

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Waiting around the corner, a fox will lead the player to the tomb.

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After the tracks and fallen rock, the player will enter a main chamber with the fox.

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A large number of stone people and zombies come from the ground, and players need to shoot them.

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At the end of the game, there will be a huge ghost boss, and the player will need to have a lot of effective shooting to kill it.

At a certain time (the game screen will be prompted), the attacker can be interrupted by attacking his arm.

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The player then needs to avoid the laser and keep attacking his head to destroy it.

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As the treasure was suspended from the coffin, the task was completed and the game was over.